Happy Christmas! Happy Holidays! Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

New things enter our live almost every day. For me, recently, there is an evolution which is, at the same time, exhilarating and… well, yes, humbling…

It started with me, joining Fine Art America (at the good advice of my generous and very talented friend from Spain, Miki de Godaboom) and more recently, Redbuble.com. Two web sites for artists all over the world, where you can expose and, if you find a buyer, sell your art as a print, canvas, post card etc.

Didn’t sell much, until now… Just a photograph ! (no less! see bellow) but that’s not the point.

Mannequins in Draculas City

Selling, important, is not the main thing: getting in contact with the art of other’s, learning a trick or two, interacting with fellow artists (too many to mention all: but I have to mention Jolante Hesse from South Africa, a wonderful portrayer and not only, who dazzled me with her talent, just like Miki and so many, many others… I even met some countryman of mine, Romanians…

It’s very stimulating. It’s good. It’s wonderful. And even if I’m not an unconditional fan of James Stewart and the of the Christmas Spirit thing (most of which is, in my humble opinion, marketing and wishful thinking; of course, I have myself my not-dirty, little Christmas secret memories… the smell of fire tree, my parents and especially my mother and my grandfather voices singing Christmas carols…) I can fraternize with it. And there are so many excellent artists there, on fine Art America and on Redbubble that it’s humbling in a good sense: it gives me the stimulation, the emulation, the impulse to go further, to perfectionnate myself… I certainly hope I’ll do just that, in 2012.

And may this (hopefully ) funny Christmas Angel be a good omen for you (and me, why not) in the next year! (among my new year resolution is also to write more often here, on my blog, to record my modest evolution and discoveries…



Christmas Angel

I really think, at this moment, that happiness is possible , almost in any situation. Because it is a question of perception and attitude and not one of circumstances. Just listen to Bobby McFerrin’s song (more, more profound than it sounds at first…) as I do often, and do what you are passionate about…


4 responses to “Happy Christmas! Happy Holidays! Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

  1. Draga Danu

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, with lots of health and happiness from the entire family and in particular from the present and future grandchildren…:-)

  2. I like this angel…
    At least he’s a bit human, has happy eyes, hands and teeth… Somehow he looks a lot more like a naughty boy, rather than like an angel…
    And perhaps that’s the reason why I like him so much!!!
    (One can notice you still carry the child inside yourself…That’s a gift. A gift that only a few grown-ups have: keeping the child inside them and taking care of it…

    (I guess the language above in your comment is romanien, right?! Oh, boy!)

    Best Wishes and Merry X-mas!
    All the best for the year 2012!


    • Thanks for your kind and very perceptive insights, Mcfsantos! ( I suppose I’ve also noticed my on a off naivety, the child inside… especially when I draw portraits – and I do that a lot since I am a portrayer-caricaturiste…)

      Yes, my angel is something between an angel and a debauched monk…We, ourselves, don,t we have inside us a child AND a dark passenger? a shadow? (yes, a like in a way, “Dexter”…)

      and yes, it’s Romanian…
      Best Wishes and Merry X-mas to you too!

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