Old photos, Nostalgia…

I was browsing through some  of my old photographs, some older than 30 years… 1980…1987… Oh, boy! All those memories came over me like a tornado… Not a lot left, except these scanned images…

Eyes to Die For

At the time, I was studying the art of photography with one of the best : prof. Gheorghe Lazaroiu, EFIAP, an exceptional teacher and one of the best photographers of my native town, Sibiu. It seems, looking at these images, that his teachings weren’t totally wasted on me and one can, say, I hope, that I even had (maybe still have) some talent. One thing is certain: then, just like right now, I was obsessed, mesmerized by the eyes of the people. They are, no doubt, for me, the center, the nucleus, the knack of a portrait (in photography as well as in painting/drawing). If the eyes are dead, the portrait is dead. It may sound definitive. It is…

He Has His Mother's Eyes


4 responses to “Old photos, Nostalgia…

  1. I entirely agree with you: “If the eyes are dead, the portrait is dead.” The same happens with people’s eyes out of portraits…

    Loved that “title” (if you can call it that way) “eyes to die for”! One could really get lost in those eyes (and I’m no lesbian! 🙂 )

    Great pics you have here!

    • Obrigado! I will do an experiment, if you are ok with it: I will write some phrases in Romanian, to see if YOU understand something out of it, ok? Fotografiile mele nu-s rele, de acord, pacat ca sunt putine! O fotografie ca cea de mai sus e rara, din pacate!

  2. If I may add to your definitions of the eyes; they are “the window to one’s soul”, and I can see through those windows in these photos. Great images! Thanks for subscribing to my blog, A Traveller’s Tale. I’m truly honored.

    • They certainly are! I even entitled one of my old photos exactly like that. As for subscribing etc. it’s my pleasure! I regret not having enough time to enjoy your blog and others…

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