A Different Kind of Nostalghia : December 1989, Sibiu.

No words, just photos. Nostalgia is there, all right… Also some of the terror and trepidation of those days when everything was possible. Good wise but especially evil wise… These are unique photos, some never shown before.

Prisoner of the army, December 1989, Sibiu

Securitate privates and suspects arrested

The only "terrorist" I've seen...shown to the excited mob

Everyone of these photos has a story in itself. Maybe another time I will tell them.

One detail, though, the guy with a black tuque photograpfying in the front of the last image is Kester Eddy, correspondent free lance of The ECONOMIST and The Guardian. I took pictures with him and his Hungarian friend and photo reporter Peter for a day or so. Some were pretty gruesome…


My images do not belong to the public domain.
All images are Copyright © Dan Iordache, 1989 ->
All rights reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written permission by the author/artist is strictly prohibited.






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