Mecena Wanted

Sometimes – not often, just sometimes – I wish some Mecena pop out from somewhere (maybe from the Internet?) and says: ” I saw your work and I see some promise in it. You have raw talent and guts and the curiosity and the pleasure to explorate and play with paint. So, I give you 4000 $ per month for a year and you let me pick half of what you produce as painting & drawing during this time…”  (of course, I could guaranty at least 15 medium size paintings and 30 drawings or watercolors per months)

Here it is some of the things I am capable of painting & drawing, to convince a potential Mecena, Foundation or some crazy person with a lot of money and guts:

Self portrait as a wise man

Ok, maybe not the most alluring sample… Let’s try again…

Big Fat Birdie

Wrong again! Maybe this one?

Late Summer Afternoon: Lac des Nations, Sherbrooke

Or this one?

Orange Hair Beauty

Ok, that’s enough. If there are some Peggy Guggenheim or  Rockefeller or Charles Saatchi out there, Hello!?! (I would settle for less famous, though…) You know how to contact me…

I’m sick and tired to worry about car payments and how to buy some good watercolor paper or inks or whatever…

I hope somebody hears me. But then, I also hope to win the lottery…

Probably I will just go on as before, trying to minimize the worry, playing a lot (all the time, Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry, Be Happy!) and forgetting about everything bad (such as bill or how to make ends meet) as soon as I got a pencil or a pen or a brush in my hand… Or even when I paint with my fingers… thank God for small favours!


My images & texts do not belong to the public domain.
All images are: Copyright © Dan Iordache.
All rights reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written permission by the author/artist is strictly prohibited.


4 responses to “Mecena Wanted

  1. Awesome!
    Love your work and your spirit and moods…!
    And your critical side, of course!
    I’m sorry for not being one of those “mecenas”, neither (certainly much BETTER!)ome of those rich people who value and appreciate art, and invest on it!!!
    All I can do is, well, being a teacher and so, you know, and being Portuguese, a non-born rich…, love your art, be attentive and… visit you once in a while!
    Break a leg, or two… but not three! (kidding!)
    Hope you don’t mind the joke and get the point of it… It’s as stupid as I can also be … sometimes!



    • Thanks, mcfsantos! Glad you like it! and no problem, I was 3/4 joking… but if you win the Lottery, remember me and you’ll have a handsome art collection! I,ll do the same for you if I win the lottery!

  2. C, I have added the link for your blog to my Blogroll. Best wishes and Atenciosamente, Danu

  3. Atenciosamente…. That was good!!! Really good!



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