Relative prostitution

What I would like – and should! – paint would be large canvases … grim but colorful, weird, surreal compositions, in the genre of my beloved Pieter Brueghel the Ancient or Bosch, or, at least, medium expressionist landscapes in Vincent’s style, or great portraits, like Géricault, but here I am, kind of prostituting myself…

Spring at the Beauvoir Sanctuary

I painted 2 small watercolor, landscapes of the Beauvoir sanctuary, landscapes I really like and whom have even a chance to be bought by pilgrims who visit this nice place, on a hill near the city I live in…

The Beauvoir Sanctuary – Old Church and Jesus

Oh, well… life has its own imperatives, like food and car payments… The large compositions, the expressionist landscapes and the great portraits in the Géricault line would have to wait a bit… until I win the lottery…

P.S. I’ve won 10 $!

10 responses to “Relative prostitution

  1. Danu:

    Too tired to comment on this now… But only you could say it like this and make the idea of “relative prostitution” (I do understand what you mean!) sound both sad, “a waste” of talent, and fun!
    Well… at least you’ve won 10 bucks… It has never happened to me…
    How could have it? I don’t bet, nor play, nor buy lottery tickets nor anything like that…

    😮 (sleeepyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)

    A warm hug


    • Thanks, Celeste! Eh, i hope that at least my kids will profit a bit of my legacy, eventually…but, you know, fat chance,,, I try to understand the mechanism but until now all I can see is pure chance…
      As for the lottery, you should buy now and then a ticket… Who knows? your comment reminds me of the anecdote with the rabi who, after a long life in the service of God asked him to give him a lottery win….and waints for a year or two and then he bitterly complains to God that he didn,t gave him the measly lottery win…Finally, after many complaints, a exceded bass voice says to rabi: i want to help you, rabi, but for God sake, buy a ticket!

  2. The colors, composition, and detail are all interesting and pleasing. Thank you for showing these….LOVED it.

  3. I would like to pass along the Versatile Blogger award to you! It is on the latest post! Thanks Terri

    • I am very honored, Terri, hen I am lucky enogand I thank you. Unfortunatelly, right now, I cannot do much else than to look for work and when I am lucky enough to find some, to work. Won’t be able to properly respond to this honor. Sorry! Maybe later, if I win the lottery (how sad is that!) Best wishes, Danu

  4. They didn’t sell and recently I’ve donated the 2nd one to the non-profit organisation, Rose des Vents, who helps me with the transport to my medical appointments…But it seems that I’ll be painting some medium large canvases before my major surgery…

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    A small but kind of cute and serene little blogpost…

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