I Am Too Old For This Shit

La Bohème, la vie d’artiste, for the moment I will set that aside. As you can read in my title, I really am too old for this shit… 20 years older than Vincent at the moment of his death. I’ve tried and will still try to go on and finish what I can, I know this is just a phase and maybe, one day, if I’ll live, the nostalgia of an artist life, the urge to draw and to paint could come back with a vengeance. But for now, I will just stay (literally) on my arse 8 h per day, helping clients of Chatr to Talk Happy… It will pay the bills…

What can I do? No Mecena offered to do for me what Theo did for Vincent or Ambroise Vollard for Gauguin…

Painting, art, literature, will still be with me and I’ll even try to write a blog post here and there, when a lonely idea will traverse my head, full of the ” sound and the fury” of so many voices…

Here it is a kind of farewell photo, something to match the famous “Self portrait of Vincent On The Way to Tarascon” (the painting destroyed during Dresden bombardment, at the end of WW2):

Danu, on the Zen Path, near the Nation’s Lake, Sherbrooke, Quebec.

I’m kind of old and kind of tired but if some not so probable Mecena will point out his/her nose  and insist that I finish my body of work…well…we’ll see then…

So, farewell for now, my few friends. You, at least, keep up the good work…

7 responses to “I Am Too Old For This Shit

  1. diditevercrossyourmind

    hope this is just a break, and that before we know it, you’re back doing what you do best.. will look forward to more of your highly interesting facts on Van Gogh..

  2. DEar Ion:

    I liked but disliked your post!!!
    Hopefully it doesn’t have a hidden meaning and you’re not giving up the good work,,, Nor us!!!
    Oh! Could I find a Mecena for you!

    A huge kiss.


  3. Thank you!
    I know you understand, Terri.

    It crossed my mind, yes, to make a bigger break. We’ll see how long… Still reading Naifeh & Smith, still discovering new things about Vincent (some pretty weird)…

    No hidden meaning, C. A Mecena would be good…I’ve read about a lady billionaire who let 10 millions $ to her puddle… Maybe if I woof-woof and wag my tail to the right person…Even if that “lady” loved her doggy mostly because she bite everybody except her mistress… With my teeth that will not be so easy…Woof-woof!

  4. Reblogged this on Van Gogh and I and commented:

    I’m even more old for this shit…:)

  5. Carol Devine

    I was just looking at a meme on FB: “As you waste your breath complaining about life, someone out there is breathing their last. Appreciate what you have. Be thankful and stop complaining. Live more, complain less. Have more smiles, less stress.” Going to hang that on my wall, along with Abraham Lincoln’s “People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Good words. Hard to apply to life but it can be done.

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