Longing for It

This morning I have my first drawing & painting dream… I was beginning (preparing) to draw\paint portraits, at a big table, with people arround… And the dream was very intense, combined with the presence of my first crush from school, when I was 12-14 years old (and even before), a delicate but sportive blonde, with green blue eyes, called Ica (short from Sophia, Sophica)… She is now somewhere on The East Coast, new York, maybe… kind of rejected me when I was a shy, insecure adolescent, then reappeared here and there in my life… paths crossing… (I ended loving & marrying a brunette with very blue eyes; still together after 32 years, on and off, 3 children and 2 grandchildren away… but drawing & painting is an even older love…)

Because, even if I consider myself a reasonable, rational person, in fact, I am, like everybody else, driven more by hunches, gut feelings (“hara” they call it in Japan)  and heart made decisions (some of them not even on a conscious level), I believe this dream is a good omen. A GOOD OMEN.

I add this last sketch of a painting, my about last (well, let’s better say, the most recent) painting…

unfinished painting?

unfinished painting?

The word to describe the feelings I had during this dream is a Romanian word we are very proud of: “DOR”. The closest translation is “longing for…”  nostalgia, or, as we spell it sometimes, à la Russe, as in Tarkovsky’s movie, NOSTALGHIA… Kind of a searing, but sweet, pain… for a thing in our past.  And that’s how I feel about drawing & painting… But there are, maybe, good omens…


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