Getting it, in an odd way…

Life is kind of funny. Well, funny, as when you speak about a mad person in order not to hurt the feelings of friends & relatives…

I will start painting and drawing again (almost for sure) because my mother (87) got sick and her and my 84 old father need my help and assistance. So, I am now in my old country, in my old native town Sibiu (Transylvania) and since I am needed to stay here almost permanently and, from time to time, I even have some spare time I will start to draw and paint again… Life is funny that way… You can find good things in bad ones and bad things in good ones. Reality never seems to be pure, bad or good in only one way. Mixt up, fluid, always changing…Funny…

For the moment, I’m just preparing my things. Bought some watercolor paper, washed my old brushes, established the spot where I will create my future masterpieces in my parents kitchen… Never touched a paper or canvas in the last…oh, must be, maybe, 9-10 months now. Like with a baby, I feel that delivery is at hand…

Of course, there are some inconvenients: to stay here in Romania beyond my legal measly 1 week paid vacation and 1 months of unpaid vacation, I will loose my credit, my car, my job (I am sure some clients of Chatr will regret my bariton, kind voice…) and I will badly miss my grandchildren, children and wife but, well, I will take care as much as possible of my old parents and, yes, I will paint again. Je ne regrette rien, as used to say Edith Piaf…

Even bad things happen for a good reason…


5 responses to “Getting it, in an odd way…

  1. I guess the word “bittersweet” was invented for moments like these…you take life as it is. Sorry about your parents…and great that you can make some art. Best wishes and lots of strength to you, Danu.

    • Thanks Erika! Best wishes to you and yours! As for my parents…c’est la vie…And bittersweet is a nice word, a true one…

  2. Dearest:

    quite a wise statement, the one of yours: “even bad things happen for one reason…”, although it takes us so long sometimes to find out the truth in it…
    That’s so grand of you that you left it all and those you love the most to take care of your parents!!! That’s the Ian I know: the generous, great, brave heart! The beautiful soul of a real man!
    It will be tremendously rewarding, you’ll see.
    Wish you strength, love, courage, great work and as much fun as possible while being creative again!
    All the best for you and your family.

    Love you!


  3. Reblogged this on nós and commented:
    You, great, great soul!!!

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