Army Stuff and More

My mother died recently, at 87. I’m staying with my father now, trying to make his life easier, in my old hometown of Sibiu, Translyvania.

Going through old books and photos I’ve found a 37 year old sketchbook with my drawings from the army. I was a regular soldier for 18 months in Lugoj, Banat. A nice little town I liked very much since a lot of things were just like in Sibiu. I didn’t liked the army but I loved my time in Lugoj, in the spare moments…

To my surprise, almost all the drawings are portraits, some quite good, all interesting, for me, the present day me. I kept a journal and it seems that doing portraits was one of my main interests then as it is now… Danu the Portrayer… I forgot, truly, that my “vocation” , my interest in portraying humans, was so old… I shouldn’t be that surprised but I was, and pleasantly surprised… It seems I’m capable of some perseverence and coherence, after all…

Here are some of this drawings, starting with some self portraits.

autoportr 23 vi 78 b

autop 11 xii 77

autoportret zebrat 20 mai 78

Here are some other portraits, usually army friends, sergeants or such…


And this was my army barack…


A satiric sketch…


In fact, in the last few months of my service, there was almost a kind of a vie de bohème, our political officer forming a group of “artists” (myself  being one of them and the host, I was also the librarian of the unit). We did only drawing and painting for the last 2-3 months, painting all kind of kitsch stuff for the officers and a different kind of kitsch (political) for the “Cantarea Romaniei” (a patriotical-political artistical contest, very specific for the communist times)… We slept there, some on old piles of newspapers, some in huge baskets like the one in which my friend Dascalescu slept (and I draw him)…

dascalescu din fata

And an expresion study of the same…


My drawing skills weren’t so bad 37 years ago, were they…


10 responses to “Army Stuff and More

  1. foarte frumos. esti un artist autentic. felicitari si succes.
    vezi blogul meu

    Pr.Dr.Dumitru Ichim
    Kitchener, Ontario

  2. Interesting, not Vincent’s style at all…:-)

    • draga Rafi, astea-s desene de pe vremea lui Pazvante, cum se spune…Danu dinante de Danu…cand eram tanar si (oarecum) felice…

  3. Va multumesc domnule Ichim pentru aprecieri si urari. Vi le intorc si sper sa fie mai multi amatori si admiratori de poezie (la care, personal, nu mai prea pricep; dar photographiile de pe blogul Dvs. sunt foarte expresive si frumoase…) Numai bine, danu

  4. Danu:

    It’s amazing and astonishing at the same time where “going back in time” can take us to.
    You’re mourning your mum, going through photos and old books and stuff (I guess it belongs to the “mourning process”) and somehow “mourning” yourself as well. What I find rather funny is the fact that it took you back to your time in the army… Already by then “a wasting” time for you…
    Apparently by mistake our mind makes these sort of “connections”. But I guess you’re going through the same feelings of “loss” though at different dimensions, trying to find your self among them.
    It’s beautiful and sweet that one spends some time reviewing the past. It’s gone, but it’s ours, it’s part of our history. That’s what makes out of us what and who we are at the present time.
    Thank God we are provided with memory. That’s the way, the unique, best way we have to keep on loving the ones we’ve lost.

    Wish you courage, strength and peace.



    • Of course, i totally agree with you: until we live, the memory of our loves ones lives too… As for the army, it was an interesting experience and, as with all in my life (even big mistakes and all) I do not regret it. I’m like Edith piaf that way…je ne regrette rien, rien de rien…our mistakes, as our past, are “ours”…we have to assume them, I think…

      • So damn right!!! Better assuming mistakes, than not having lived at all, not having tried… I’m like her, too. Kiss you, sending you a lot of love and strength.

  5. Reblogged this on nós.

  6. Nice drawings and sketches, by the way!


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