The Long Way Home

The way is even longer if you are not sure anymore where that “home” is… Is it your birthplace, your native town and country? Or is it where your family, your children and grandchildren are?

Right now I am in Quebec, working my arse off to gather some $ so that I can return in Sibiu, Romania and take care of my old, alone now that my mother passed away, father or 85… drawing, painting is almost impossible right now… Here in Quebec at least…

Danu & Miki, alias Mike

Danu & Miki, alias Mike

In June I will go back, and make, probably for the last time in this life, the voyage to my native land. And back to Quebec at a time I cannot even fathom…The only rejoicing thought is that in Sibiu I will be able (not being a 9 to 5 corporate sclave anymore) to draw, to paint, to photograph, to write, maybe… From time to time, at least…

And, of course, I hope to be more present and more active on the net, in the blogging world and on Fine Art America…

Maybe I could even fulfill my destiny (if destiny it is) as an artist. Who knows?


6 responses to “The Long Way Home

  1. So sorry about your mom…

    • Thank you very much Erika. What can one do? that’s life…At least, I was with her the last 2 months of her life…

  2. Terribly sorry about your mummy!
    Terribly sorry…
    And words seem not to come out… Not today.

    Love you,


    • Thank you, C. it still hurts, bad sometimes, but nobody escape that…i was very very lucky to have it for so long time, a pitty she couldn’t see her grand-grandsons…only for that, i wish i would have been a rich one…

      • Being rich would have made a difference… or not!!! Most important of all, you’re rich inside! And able of loving. I’m pretty sure your Mum was / is very proud of you! It can hurt, it will hurt, but love is the best balsam for that pain… The only one, in fact. Love and the good memories!


        Always here,



  3. Forgot to mention the nice pic of yours and your kitten… 🙂

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