Good Omens?

I certainly hope so…

The first day I had the chance to get out on the Corso (the name we, Sibiu natives,use for Main street) I’ve fall onto this 3 rather overgrown, mature Cupids, getting their arrows gently trown to women of all ages…

I will let the images speak for themselves but I had a good feeling about this. Maybe the artist in me (even it’s more the photographer for the moment) is not dead and burried under de mundane and painful happening of old age (mine and my parents)… Maybe there is still some hope…Maybe I will still have some more time to fulfill my destiny as an artist… who (apart God) knows?

cupidoni cu fille de profil

cupidonii danseaza

dans de imperechere 2

pupici pt turiste


bye bye patetic


Maybe it wasn’t a big deal (just some funny street entertainers) but , boy! did it felt good to be again with a camera in the middle of an event… I’ve missed that. A lot.

Coming back, to my native birth place, Sibiu, Transylvania, to take care of my old father is also a chance to begin again drawing and painting. And I’m telling you, I’ve brought almost all my colors and watercolor paper, enough to last me for a long time… And omens are good, it seems…


2 responses to “Good Omens?

  1. I love this, Danu. Sweet and playful. I’m really, really hoping that Cudpidwear catches on in the U.S, especially if the guys who wear it look like these guys. 🙂

    • Thanks, Moonbeam! they were Cupids for all tastes, from oldish to young and hairy…Glad to be back and to hear from you!

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