Starting Again from Scrap

I’m living now in Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania, taking care of my old father (85 in September) after the death of my mother, 87.

Facing old age and death (my folks, eventually mine) it’s  a challange, no doubt. Opposing art and creation (even modest) could be – IS – an alternative and I’m using it right now. More than that, taking care of my father – weak and kind of confused after losing my mother, his wife for the last 60 years – being a full time job, I can use only scraps of time, here and there, after cooking, cleaning and etc. to take pictures, to draw, to paint. Already a month, now. Did some. Here they are (a selection, because I did photograph much more). And the paintings are old stuff, both connected to my mother: I used to give her one painting each anniversary. The one with the moon is for her 80 eth and the young woman is her, in her prime:

Entrance to another time

Entrance to another time

Maybe another St. Francisc?

Maybe another St. Francisc?

An Italian Landscape, a very old anniversary landscape for my mother...

An Italian Landscape, a very old anniversary landscape for my mother…

Pompeian Death Mask in a Marble Fragment in the Pavement

My Mother in her Prime

My Mother in her Prime

Old style Door Handle

Old style Door Handle

I try to make my way in micro stock photo even if the rejection are quite depressing, especially when they say, “poor lenses quality. chromatic aberation” and Interpolations, blah-blah… It seems my modest Nikon P500 is not enough and I should invest now 2000-3000 $ (which, of course, I don’t have) to buy a good DSRL camera in order to earn, in a couple of years, maybe…a couple of hundreds of $…Doesn’t make economic sense… But microstock and Fine Art Amercia and similar sites are my chance to earn something from home…No other way for me, 57 years old artist that nobody would hire in a 9-17 job that I cannot afford to take anyway… But there is always hope. Little sparrows get what they need, aren’t they?

Anyway. I learn a lot, between a cooking and a cleaning. I try to learn Inkscape (a Adobe Illustrator vectorial software but free) to make illustration (ar at least to transpose mine to eps files), I learn a lot about digital photography and know exactly what camera to buy if I will win the lotery (at least a Nikon D5200!) and recently (today) “sold” a reproduction on Fine Art America (it won’t be an effective one, it seems, my uploaded image being too low resolution; as almost all my old portfolio images… I still remember the time, not so many years ago, when an 1 MB image was considered HUGE! ) And I’ve learned the difference between Mega Pixels and Mega Bites… That’s something…

So, a new start for an old fart (I know, it’s gross but I couldn’t resist the rhyme!)… A lot of biterness and depressing thoughts but also a bit of hope and the chance, for me, to do, AGAIN, some creative work. Who knows? I will, maybe, even earn a modest living as an artist. At least enough to complete the meager pension of my father… Bloody hell! it sound pretty corny! (but I’m taking the things as they come).


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