123 years since Vincent Van Gogh died

Just a reminder and a moment of silence to mark the passing of Vincent, this tortured soul who distiled such beauty from his torment…

Vincent as a Zen Buddhist Monk. One of my favorite self-portraits of Vincent.

Vincent as a Zen Buddhist Monk. One of my favorite self-portraits of Vincent.

Special thanks to authors Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith for their splendid biography of Vincent, one of the most comprehensive, well written and probably true of all books ever written on Vincent’s life (and there are plenty!)

Personally, they made me understood better all I knew about Vincent (especially from the less known periods of his life, the early years as a painter and the “suicide/ death” of the painter. We doubt now very much that Vincent commited suicide himself (not that it matters much…he was prone to suicide, sooner of later) and their  version of his demise, as an accident Vincent accepted as fate, is a lot more believable that all the corny bullshit we usually read or hear concerning his bitter end.


4 responses to “123 years since Vincent Van Gogh died

  1. I’m going through the book, doing some sort of “intensive reading”. It’s really good stuff.
    All the background info. on the Netherlands history and on Vince’s family is brilliantly written!
    I guess Vince’s family, his mother above all, had certainly a lot of influence on his personality and behaviour.
    I’ll write about it as soon as I’ve finished my thorough reading! It will take some time, for sure! I’m sort of eating, drinking and digesting the book… taking notes, drawing personality profiles, thinking them (it) over a lot.

    My admiration on this “tormented soul” is increasing as pages go by. “Normal”, common people are not fascinating at all. And can’t make a difference! He, Vincent, he did!!!



    • It took my 6 months to read it! but it was worth the time. I,m curious what your final impression will be. There are some pretty controversial stuff there…

  2. Reblogged this on nós and commented:
    Amazing, brilliant Vince! Awesome book, “Van Gogh, the life”! A “bible” in size and quality!

    • I have no doubt about that. It will be the “Bible” for Vincent for a long time now.Best wishes and thanks for reblogging!

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