There is a Time for Everything

…Ecclesiastes dixit. A time for living and a time for dying. A time for health and a time for sickness.

For me, it seems, it’s the time for sickness. I’ve got diagnosed with a rare (they say only about 6000 Americans got it in a year which is 0,00189 %) form of cancer, quite advanced since I was told initially I have indigestion and treated myself for a month for that…I have a knack for rare sicknesses since my only other time when I was life treathening ill was when I got, in Romania, botulism…(no wrinkles cured, by the way, just gotten sick, sick sick…but I was still young and got away with it…)

In 2006 I draw this “masterpiece” (ha,ha) in which the “artist” paints a pregnant model. I was kind of puzzled when I found it in my portfolio (I didn’t even remembered to have it painted…).


Anyway, I will fight back with my will to live (I’m only 57, almost 58, which, they tell me, it’s quite “young” for Canada and US) and the help of my family, grandsons included. Not much else to fight back with. I lost about everything in 10 months in Romania: my economies, my credit, my car… I’m sorry I had to leave my 85 years old father alone back there in Romania. But what use would he have had from a very sick and unassured son?

I still hope to have some little time to paint some more.

And I play every week – well, I will when the welfare check will come through…- the lottery, hoping to win at least the price of a slow juicer from Jalinis to give me a supplementary fighting chance with fruit and vegetable juices…Since Mecenas seems to be an extinct species…

Maybe, at least now and then, I will even write a post here.  Maybe even interesting posts since the ones close to kicking the bucket have nothing to loose and they, usually, tell the truth, even the unpleasant and embarrassing truth…

Thank you to all my friends who red or comment on my blog. I made some very good friends here and it was interesting. Hope to be able to write them personally in a while, since my maximum energy is about a blog post long…

Gabriel, Thomas, me and nero, our new

Gabriel, Thomas, me and nero, our new tomcat

Bye for now.


6 responses to “There is a Time for Everything

  1. Very sorry! Imi pare rau sa aflu asemenea stiri….mult curaj, si putere!

  2. That’s life, Max. Thank you! Curaj am, putere mai putina, bani deloc! Dar am noi privilegii, pot sa spun adevarul mai des si mai fara frica…

  3. Follow up: I had yesterday and the day before my first chemiotherapy and it went surprisingly well. Encouraging. I even found – with the help of a poet friend born as myself in Sibiu – a Mecena Lady whom bought some of my paintings still around. I’ve order my slow juicer and a good Tap Water Filtration System. So far, so good, as the one falling from the 50th floor said to himself when arriving at abount the 30 th floor…

  4. Wishing you all the best in your fighting this thing. And if you have strength to share your thoughts with us, I always find much insight and humanity in them…love the painting very much.

    • Thank you, Erika! i will try to that. just started the chemiotherapy a week ago. not much energy just yet but I hope…

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