There Is a Time For Everything – Update

Well, I have to back up a little and recognize I was wrong: Mecenas still exists.

Sometimes, they have name of flowers (Lilly, Florin) sometimes of emperors (Traian, Valentin, Adrian) or simply poetic names like my own (Dan)  or Mariana or Sandra or Rafi… And I hope I did not forgot anybody… If I did, blame the bloody illness (even if my artist “head in the clouds” could be the real problem…)

Anyway, I just came, a few hours ago, from my second chemotherapy (it didn’t went as bad as I thought – So far, so good…) and after the holidays, in January, I will have my chance to see dr. Vanounou at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal. If he sees me fit to be operate then I will probably have the HIPEC procedure and a fair chance to be healed or at least to get some more time… My state is far too advanced for me to despise the “marvels” of Modern Medicine… If not I will have to try exclusively Alternative, Natural Medicine… But you cannot cut a gangrened leg with a banana, unfortunately…

Otherwise, good news, because of the Mecenas (some more giving, even buying me some originals, some just sending me money by Paypal or ordering some reproductions , but both equally generous, proportionally to their meanings…) I have now my Santevia Alkaline Water Filtration System, my Kempo Hippocrates slow juicer – really slow that one, but good… and even a chlorine filter for my shower (my wife used it too; I would like my children and grandsons use it but that’s not, unfortunately, practical…)

But, hey! says Danu the Cynic, even they still exists (and God bless them!) they are not that numerous and there is still place for some more… I have now my gizmos and devices (my Alternate way of fighting cancer, with the vegetarian diet and prayer) but now, that I bought those, I am still broke and got not much left, if any, to buy vegetables and fruits and so on. True, I bought a lottery ticket today and, eventually, the Welfare will come through at the end of the month…

That’s Danu, the never satisfied, the ungrateful bastard that thinks world (or other people) owe him soething just for being such a “splendid” artist…They don’t…

But if you are feeling invadad by the Christmas spirit and willing to do some charity, my Paypal email is and/or you can order some “masterpieces” reproductions from my Fine Art America site or Redbubble… That’s also, Danu the Cynic, Danu the opportunist, Danu the Begger… More things could happen now (Danu the Cynic again…):

1. Nothing moves, nothing changes…

2. Some new Mecenas will generously manifest themselves… (YES!)

3. Last, but not least, some effing spamer will take my email and use it to flood me with rich African kings offers (they need only a couple thousand $ to inherit – and are ready to make me part of it, to making me ultra-rich); or some “beautiful” ladies which fancy me as their future lover and wish to make me orgasmiclly happy (by phone, I suppose) if I send them a couple of hundred $ and so on… and lets hope Paypal security is really really tight (I think so; never had a problem yet) so that hackers cannot also syphon my meager account by only knowing your email…


To all the possibilities (and I really mean ALL, not only $ and emails and Mecenas…) I will say: Thy Will Be Done. (I will do my part, though…)

Be it Fate/Nature/God.

I discovered some more unknown or hardly remembered things I’ve done : here they are so that I do now spoil my “Grand finale” with some more words…

Marine Gems 2006 ?

Marine Gems 2006 ?

Some of MArs Imagined Population VGI

You can see what the HIPEC procedure is, here:

P.S.  Almost started to draw and make watercolors again… one of the Mecenas gave me a order for a horse painting… My half of the kitchen table is ready: paper, photos, watercolors… All stay there like soldiers on a battlefield. Waiting for the General to gain some forces and really DO it… He will, he will…


3 responses to “There Is a Time For Everything – Update

  1. Today, to pass the time during the chemo, I was browsing (I’ve already read the book several times…) Henry Miller’s “To Paint is to Love Again” (in the French version I have: “Peindre c’est aimer à nouveau”… Great book and a great enticement to paint again, even if you don’t got any talent… even more if you got some…

  2. Rare health condiciona suck…i had one once and also got away with it – you did it once, you can do it again, especially now that you have grandchildren! I’ve been told chemo isn’t the most pleasant thing, and at least 2 people i know have given up on it before all the sessions their doctors had programmed, because they knew their body wouldn’t endure another chemo session – and even if back then we were afraid because of that decision (who challenges doctors orders, especially when it’s a serious treatment??), now we see it was the wisest decision, because their body were really at the point pf breaking, and now these people are alive and well, and it has been many years….so, listen to your body, do the treatment but not at the cost of losing your life to it instead of to the disease. Good luck and try to enjoy christmas!

  3. So far, so good, as the guy who fell from the 50th store said to himself when he reache the 30 th store…I,ve got 2 and will have the 3rd chemo on the 26 of Dec. without any major problem. They say it will get worst later… We’ll see, and hope. And yes, I’m not a blind believer in the infailibility of doctors…I’m reading (more like listening since it’s an audio book…) David Servan-Schreiber’s book Anticancer. he did survive 19 years his first cancer. Thanks for your kind words, re-blogs and encouragements. Hope to have the energy to read more of your own blogs…sooner or later (as in Supertramps song…)

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