Paul Alin Would Have Been 27 Years Old…

It’s a very sad and even tragic event I describe but I think it’s worthwhile re-blogging…

Van Gogh and I

This is a bit too personal for an art blog post and has little to do with art…

But art, as at least two big art historians put it, art doesn’t exist… just artists and their stories…their paintings…their drawings…and well, their photos…

24 years ago there where some weird, confusing times in my home town of Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania. The “revolution”, as they called later on these events, was about to start… And Sibiu (because the son of the Dictator, Nicu, was the first man in the county and because of the numerous military units there) was a very hot spot on the map, even if, later on, it wasn’t kind of past on and the big stars were Timisoara and Bucharest…

Still, 99 persons lost their lives in the 5-6 days of “civil war” there (and some big cheese voices were recorded saying it wasn’t yet enough……

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