Great draftsmen: Hokusai, Daumier, van Gogh,

Van Gogh and I

Being capable of making great drawings is a gift. A gift which was given to some. Not many. I do not talk here about the ability to copy photos or gypsum statues with the utmost accuracy and likeliness. The mimicking capacity or the manual versatility to draw photo-like drawings is a gift too, maybe the basis, important, but not complete, not essential, of being a great draftsman.

I choose arbitrarily 3 great draftsmen, from different time and places, to illustrate this point.   The first two, Hokusai and Daumier have greatly influenced the third, the most (post-mortem) famous of the three: Vincent van Gogh.
What can have in common Hokusai, Daumier and van Gogh?
One important thing is that all three of them have in common is they were drawing very fast, and this is evident in their drawings. Some samples:

Another thing they have in common is the…

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