Premonitions in Painting: my Premonition

Still kicking…maybe the premonition was true…

Van Gogh and I

Yesterday morning, the 01 01 2014, I woke up with my face to a painting of mine on the wall close to my bed. This is the one I’m talking about:

Trieste Trieste

Until yesterday, this painting, one of my favorite (and subjectively, one of my best works until now) was not “personal”, so to speak… It did not have a personal, visceral connection with me. But yesterday, sliding from my dreams (whatever they were – usually I do not remember them…) to reality, I saw that slender, kind of skinny naked man (maybe that’s why it wasn’t personal… I wasn’t skinny until recently…) was lying there, encircled by a dark, black green shadow. I had a minor epiphany: that was me, shadowed by my cancer, menaced but still calm… All of a sudden, this painting (one that I’ve started painting years ago and then repainted in the present form in…

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5 responses to “Premonitions in Painting: my Premonition

  1. Dear Danu:

    Hopefully you’re getting on… keeping on fighting against that beast, that be-damned creature called cancer…
    Premonition or not, this painting of yours is great… and one would never relate it to sth so negative and harmful regarding the colours in use… Besides, the skinny man is not THAT skinny, meaning: not necessarily related to sickness or disease. You’ve even caught / pictured the sensual nature of the body!

    Yeah! Guess you’re right.
    We never know what comes around.
    Our sensitivity and intuition, however, seem to “work” in a different way. They’re always one or two steps ahead… Fortunately we do not pay attention to them all the time!

    Love you.
    Always here, no matter what!

    • Dear Celeste, Thanks for your comment and reblogging! Still kicking and except for the problems with my elder son (just got a call that he run away from the institution he was…not good, not good…But then, as you know, he have to deal with the hands we are given…and I draw and paint and try to survive…And with that notable exception (my elder…ok, you can add scarce money and a hernia…) I’m doing well…I hope you are well too, better even than before…Keep in touch, please! Best wishes and hugs, Danu

      • Danu:

        Glad to read from you.
        Unhappy at the same time ’cause bad things always come as an avalanche, at the same time, driving us mad or… helping us to overcome other .. “A new pain helps us to forget the one (s) we’re used to…
        I’m terribly sorry for your son. I didn’t know (till now) that he used to be in an institution.
        Oh, my, my! You have enough! Plenty enough to deal with!
        I’m getting on well, meaning better than before, reinventing myself and learning to live with little money, 2 hernias (I win! Got an almost complete “kit”)…
        Apart from that and from constant sciatica (one of the beautiful hernias is affecting the sciatic nerve), I can’t complain.
        And you’re damn right! We have to deal with the hands we’re given- great picture/ image!

        You’ll win this fight, you’ll see. You deserve it, for the great human being you are.
        Now you’re probably forgetting about yourself and only thinking of your son.
        What happened to him?
        Some lives are really tough. Hard. Terribly damned. And bad things almost only happen to good people.

        Wish you and your family the best.
        Love u


      • Celeste: thanks for your kind, supportive words! especially since I know how – at least! – annoying can be one hernia, not to mention two! If I had 2 I would probably start smoking pot! (since I’m so careful not to use synthetic, chemical, drugs…I know sometimes one has no choice…Sorry about that! My elder son was on and off institutions only recently…before, he had his own apartment (which he kind of destroyed…) Cannot really help him anymore if I want to survive…and I want…didn’t draw all the drawings I can draw, all the paintings I still can paint…Didn’t finish to help my children and my grandchildren…Didn’t see all the places I would like to see…Portugal, Spain, Italy are on my bucket list…Cuba, maybe…some parts of Canada and Us too…Maybe I will win the lottery..
        Best wishes to you, Celeste! keep in touch, will you?

      • Surely I will. Wish you the best and a lot of strength. 2 hernias are nothing compared to your problem(s). I am learning to live with the 2nd one, with this chronic pain I’ve told you about last time, that’s it. At the same time it’s funny. I’m kind of putting soul pain to a second place, sort of “forgetting” them…
        I’m out of words to express my feelings about your son. I can’t even imagine how you may be feeling…
        I have no kids. That must really be hard to bare.
        I’m sorry.
        For you both.
        It must be devastating for your wife. For the whole family.
        All I can say is that I’m here, I love you dear friend, no matter what.
        Getting to know you has been one of the greatest things in my life and I thank you for finding me. I thank “wordpress”, as well.

        Keep in touch,

        I’m on vacation at the time but if I’ll try to be around before Sept., (school beginning).

        Love you


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