Amazingly wise citation!

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It’s too beautiful to let it unnoticed!

I know lots of people are kind of suspicious about self improvement and such… And, it is true that, like in any other field of activity, lots of  self improvment stuff is repetitive etc.  But this aphorisme cited by Deepak Chopra (one of my prefered authors in the field of, let’s say, self improvment – a label, no more ) is too beautiful and too important (and surprisingly old!) to let it pass unnoticed:

The Vedic sear says:

«I do not worry about the past and I’m not fearful of the future because my life is supremely concentrated in the present and the right response comes to me to every situation as it occurs.»

Wow! If you understand (with your heart & brain, in that order) only this in your life and still you can have a happy life!

(The watercolor sketch is…

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