What Makes PMP/Appendix Cancer So Rare and Scary? – Awareness: A MUST!

Dragonfly Effect

Finding a good oncologist is a lot like dating.  They eagerly pay attention to detail and quality at first, then, for whatever reason, it seems the honeymoon phase wears off and it’s onto the next one.  I do not mean this in a condescending way towards oncologists or doctors at all.  I can truly understand, to an extent.  Oftentimes, I think what frustrates and deters oncologists is that they are only able to go as far as research and treatment has gotten for this type of cancer, which is not far.  When knowledge and treatment options are exhausted, all that the doctors can offer is the widely dreaded “Wait-n-Watch” option.  This part feels more like the break before a break-UP.  Which was always our queue to find the next team that would fight as hard as we wanted to.  As we get into the end stages of my mom’s fight…

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