Vincent and Daumier

Van Gogh and I

Vincent van Gogh was a generous man. He admired a lot of artists, all kind of artists (Meissonier, “le pompier” was, surprisingly for us, today, one of his preferred artists…) and was very generous with his praises for younger artists like Émile Bernard. But there are some names which are mentionned over and over in his letters. Honoré Daumier is one of them. Délacroix is another. Le vieux Millet another yet…

He was an unconditional admirer of  those and he did, especially in his last years, copies, “interpretations” of paintings by Daumier and Millet, especially. Of course, if the design is clearly Daumier or Millet, the color and the brush technique was very much “Vincent”.

Here are two samples, one after Daumier, one after Millet:

I think that if we are to count, the “interpretation” after Millet (Vincent affectionately called him “père Millet” ) are more numerous than those after…

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