Relative prostitution

A small but kind of cute and serene little blogpost…

Van Gogh and I

What I would like – and should! – paint would be large canvases … grim but colorful, weird, surreal compositions, in the genre of my beloved Pieter Brueghel the Ancient or Bosch, or, at least, medium expressionist landscapes in Vincent’s style, or great portraits, like Géricault, but here I am, kind of prostituting myself…

Spring at the Beauvoir Sanctuary

I painted 2 small watercolor, landscapes of the Beauvoir sanctuary, landscapes I really like and whom have even a chance to be bought by pilgrims who visit this nice place, on a hill near the city I live in…

The Beauvoir Sanctuary – Old Church and Jesus

Oh, well… life has its own imperatives, like food and car payments… The large compositions, the expressionist landscapes and the great portraits in the Géricault line would have to wait a bit… until I win the lottery…

P.S. I’ve won 10 $!

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3 responses to “Relative prostitution

  1. Common, don’t use strong words unnecessarily…:-)
    These large canvases were usually sponsored…

    • I are right, of course about the “prostitution” world…Artists have, usually a small “penchant” for strong words, fantasy and stuff…:) No artist witthout some excess…:)

  2. But they are not large canvases (but instead small 9 x 12 inch watercolor and at the time, nobody did “sponsored” me; there is some sponsoring now, thank Lord and donators, but then no sponsoring at all;

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