The Vanished Van Gogh

Van Gogh and I

It takes no doubt some very big intellectual “cojones” to reveal a Vincent Van Gogh like the one Steven Naifeh & Gregory White Smith just did, relative recently, by publishing ” Van Gogh:The Life”. This book goes a long way against the tide, against the legend and conventional myth of Vincent Van Gogh. Of course, the myth admits Vincent was a “mad” genius (and essentially, he was, but the accent is on GENIUS not on mad…) but the way the 2 authors extend the madness to, practically,his whole life is, to say the least, unusual, singular.

A weirdo from the beginning to the end, a maniac, a paranoid, quarrelsome, sometimes generous, sometimes blatantly ungrateful human being, the Naifeh & Smith’s Vincent is quite an unpleasant person to deal with. Failure after failure are minutiously described, with an almost scientific accuracy. And these 2 authors are very convincing. Not that…

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What Makes PMP/Appendix Cancer So Rare and Scary? – Awareness: A MUST!

Dragonfly Effect

Finding a good oncologist is a lot like dating.  They eagerly pay attention to detail and quality at first, then, for whatever reason, it seems the honeymoon phase wears off and it’s onto the next one.  I do not mean this in a condescending way towards oncologists or doctors at all.  I can truly understand, to an extent.  Oftentimes, I think what frustrates and deters oncologists is that they are only able to go as far as research and treatment has gotten for this type of cancer, which is not far.  When knowledge and treatment options are exhausted, all that the doctors can offer is the widely dreaded “Wait-n-Watch” option.  This part feels more like the break before a break-UP.  Which was always our queue to find the next team that would fight as hard as we wanted to.  As we get into the end stages of my mom’s fight…

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Amazingly wise citation!

Danu's small world

It’s too beautiful to let it unnoticed!

I know lots of people are kind of suspicious about self improvement and such… And, it is true that, like in any other field of activity, lots of  self improvment stuff is repetitive etc.  But this aphorisme cited by Deepak Chopra (one of my prefered authors in the field of, let’s say, self improvment – a label, no more ) is too beautiful and too important (and surprisingly old!) to let it pass unnoticed:

The Vedic sear says:

«I do not worry about the past and I’m not fearful of the future because my life is supremely concentrated in the present and the right response comes to me to every situation as it occurs.»

Wow! If you understand (with your heart & brain, in that order) only this in your life and still you can have a happy life!

(The watercolor sketch is…

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Danu, le caricaturiste, à la Fête de Sherbrooke Colombiestrie

Caricaturiste en Estrie

Voici quelques portraits que j’ai dessiné aujourd’hui, le 20 juillet 2014, à la très colorié fête de Sherbrooke Colombiestrie…

Rebeca et Alexandra Rebeca et Alexandra

Norah, la poète bolivienne Norah, la poète bolivienne

Le portrait de Norah Le portrait de Norah

Gloria et son portrait Gloria et son portrait

Le portrait de Gloria Le portrait de Gloria

Si jamais vous aimer mon style et vous aimerias avoir votre portrait (ou le portrait d’un proche, etc) faite par moi, vous pouvez toujours me contacter par email ( On pourra même faire le tout par email, PAypal et Poste Canada, si vous habiter au Quebec ou au Canada…

Ou vous pouvez m’employer comme animateur caricaturiste pour vos fêtes (de mariage, d’anniversaire, picnics familiales, etc.) ou événements…

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The secret geometry of chance….

Worth rebloging, I think…

Van Gogh and I

…seems to be more the «sacred»… in the Shape of my heart by Sting, one of my favourite songs and artists…

But who has little to do with what I am about to write, except that this secret (or sacred, if you wnat) geometry of chance played today for me…

Reading my bible (that isThe letters of Vincent Van Gogh. Penguin book classics, 1997) I fall on this phrases which resonate greatly with me, today:

…« The best thing one could do here (…) would be portrait of women and children…» p. 350, (letter 482 , the 4 th of May 1888, Arles)

…«As for me, I shall carry on working, and here and there something of my work will prove of lasting value…» p. 350, idem.

..«But the painter of the future will be a colourist the like of which has never yet been seen…» p…

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The Scarecrow

The scarecrow principle is that he has none. But he accepts all.

He do accepts everything else, too.It rains, he accepts it. The sun is shinning, ok, he accepts it. It snows? So what? He accepts it. Anyhow, what can he do about it? Nothing. So, he accepts it, whatever it is.

Old, stinking raggs clothes him. His old carcass is rotten and he’s ridiculous with that funny hat they put on his sac filled-with-straws head of his…People laught at him, kids point him with their little fingers (the small, good ones) and throw stones at him (the hooligans!)…

Crows and other birds are scared of him, at first, at least. Then they get used and begin sitting on his wooden shoulders. Some, meaner, even shit on his head…So what? That’s life. And he accepts it…

Painters and photographers like to take him as a model. Some may even paint some fancy masterpieces with him as a free, benevolent, model…Big deal!

Since he was planted there, in the cornfields (or whatever) he has to BE there. No choice. No legs to take him elsewhere…And then, what for? Is there any better elsewhere? Maybe. Maybe not. Probably not.

Either you stay put, in silence, and the world whirls around you or you move in a noisy Ferrari around the world, it’s the same thing, eventually… Eventually, the Ferrari and their proud owner will be, too, a rotten/corrugated carcas. What’s the difference, essentially? No difference.

They say – the Japanese, who else? – that you arrive at your destination when you cease to travel…When you cease to WANT to travel…

Anyway, the scarecrow accepts that, too…It is what it is… He is. As simple as that. He is. For as long as it takes… For as long as it takes the sun, rain, snow, frost to turn his carcass to rotten wood and his clothes to turn to pieces…

My scarecrow signature

My scarecrow signature

Japanese sign for scarecrow

Japanese sign for scarecrow

Premonitions in Painting: my Premonition

Still kicking…maybe the premonition was true…

Van Gogh and I

Yesterday morning, the 01 01 2014, I woke up with my face to a painting of mine on the wall close to my bed. This is the one I’m talking about:

Trieste Trieste

Until yesterday, this painting, one of my favorite (and subjectively, one of my best works until now) was not “personal”, so to speak… It did not have a personal, visceral connection with me. But yesterday, sliding from my dreams (whatever they were – usually I do not remember them…) to reality, I saw that slender, kind of skinny naked man (maybe that’s why it wasn’t personal… I wasn’t skinny until recently…) was lying there, encircled by a dark, black green shadow. I had a minor epiphany: that was me, shadowed by my cancer, menaced but still calm… All of a sudden, this painting (one that I’ve started painting years ago and then repainted in the present form in…

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