The look of a child

Van Gogh and I

Indian summer in Magog

Sometimes, in some rare and privileged moments, I can look at the world as a child. Sometimes, for a few minutes or hours (if I’m lucky) I can BE a child again. Receiving all the outside impression without any filter, without any judgement, without prejudice. The true, authentic naivity is a precious, rare thing, a thing to be preserved and cherished. Eventually, through a drawing or a painting…

Very few artists could preserve this ingenuity all their life… even the best of them, like Chagall , Utrillo or Paul Klee had their “adult” moments (Paul Klee was a rare case of a fine theoretician AND a very original, somotimes “naive” artist, having the curiosity of an infant for experimentation). Anyway, the true naivity is a rare item and quite difficult to prove. Their authenticity, the originality of an Ivan Generalic, for instance, is manifest. As it is, of course, that…

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