About Ion Vincent Danu

I’m a Canadian visual artist. Born in Sibiu, Romania, about 58 years ago .

I’ve started my visual artist “career” as an art high school student, in Sibiu (the most happy 4 years of my life!) . I also studied photography for one year with one of Romania’s best art photographer, Gheorghe Lazaroiu, EFIAP. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be among the 5-6 students admitted every year at one of the 3 Art Universities in communist Romania… I studied, instead, History (and some Art History, of course) and English at the Sibiu University. Nobody could force me to stop sketching during the most boring classes and I did a few paintings too… usually presents for my mother’s anniversary (her being the one who always encouraged me the most to follow my artistic vocation). The usual followed: family, work (teaching for 8-9 years in different village schools), etc.

After the 1989 revolution (I took part in it as a photo-reporter) I ‘ve started a new career as a journalist and photo journalist.

Children grew up and, for them as well as for myself, we decided to immigrate to Canada. Almost 17 years ago. Here, in Québec, since it was hard for me to find a job, I’ve started – well, you can say, I’ve RE-STARTED – my visual artist career. In fact, that was my secret wish, the most intense one and everything in my life, until then, was ment ( I really believe that!) to bring me there – well, HERE.  I’ve studied painting, drawing, etching and photography at  Bishop’s University (no degree, too expensive and too old for that…) and completed a Certificate in Visual Arts, at the Sherbrooke University, working  in a factory to support myself. It was hard but I did it.

Since April 2002 I’m a full time visual artist. I’ve earned my living teaching “artistic expression” in a private institution and I draw, I paint… I do some writing too, but that’s a “secret” for now… My portfolio has more than 3000 images now (reproductions of my drawings and paintings) and my intention is – health and time permitting – to post the best of them here, more or less, in chronological order…  Since I’m not a native English speaker, please, be indulgent with my many mistakes…

Since november 2013 (which was really a very bad year for me: I’ve lost my mother, my jobs, my credit and my car…still have my passion for art) I’ve got my diagnostic: a rare form of appendiceal cancer, I’ve developped while taking care of my father, 85, after my mother’s demise, in Romania. The stress of all those events was the trigger. But now I’m back in Quebec, with my family (my father is also my family but…) and I’ve started again to draw and to paint. I don’t need the cancer anymore. With this art ‘treatment’, with a vegetarian (semi, for now) diet, meditation, prayer and exercise, I do hope to survive some more  years, to finish my work as a painter and to help, as much as I can, my family, to see my grandsons growing up…So far, so good… (I do heal my cancer with “life style” treatment; if I would have accepted the HIPEC major surgery they offered me, and continued with the one tour of chemo, I would be probably dead by now…or dying…or totally disabled…)

Of course, as the title of my blog suggest, my mentor is Vincent Van Gogh and, in a way, everything I write here is also about him. Because he was – still is! – in many way, the quintessence of what an artist mean. We can define ourselves (and I try to do just that) either in contrast or in harmony with him…

Here is how I looked (this photo of me and Polly is from May, 2010)

Danu and Murphy

The place is Le Marche de la Gare, in Sherbrooke, where I’ve drawn caricatures/portraits of the people who were brave enough to pose for me…and I had less difficulties in finding models than Vincent…

*Note: All text, images, etc. on this blog is copyright protected (copyright © Ion Vincent Danu/Dan Iordache) and cannot be used or  reproduced without the expressed consent of the artist (this phrase I shamelessly copied! from carolking – it seems a good idea to mention…)

43 responses to “About Ion Vincent Danu

  1. There will be very very few people who believe that this was not written by yourself, because the mistakes are all tell-tale, funny
    and one too many to be corrected and also amusing.

  2. OH, now I get what Gene said about the writing in the 3rd person! And I didn’t want to HIDE that I was the author of this one too… I’m glad that, at least, the mistakes are tell-tale and amusing…

    No way I’m gone change that!( first thing, I’m not able and second, well, what the heck! Van Gogh did plenty of mistakes himself and I was an English Teacher so long ago that it doesn’t count any more!

    Still, if you see a very BIG mistake (a non-amusing one!) PLEASE give me a sign, will you?! Finally, just as Vincent said “we make our painting to talk for us”; I know that Goethe also said something in the order of ” Make images, artist, don’t talk!” I’ll do that…

  3. If this is your new avatar, that is wonderful.

    I saw you got a rejection slip from those people. Did you see that they said they were not taking any new artists? Also, if they charge you 29 dollars a month,- just to have you listed there, they do not have to sell very many paintings to make it worth their while.

    Now this self portrait is nice and looks more probable. As you know. “the Truth”, in these matters, does not exist , because the object depends on the eyes of the beholder. So, for instance, I thought it would be near impossible to paint your own eyes because you cannot see them as meaning anything. I thought that would be the reason why your former avatar looked so silly.

  4. Thanks for the information, no, I didn’t took notice about that… Anywhy, I had my doubts (some good artists but most of them too profit oriented and too damn “realistical” (local color, local everything!)

    Glad you like better my avatar (it’s a self portrait kind of imitating a zen portrait); in reality, I’m a lot meeker (that’s the word?), not so angrymeanish…

    I’ll post for you the other self portrait on the blogspot blog, tomorow… if I don’t forget… You’ll see it better (maybe not so silly, after all… no offence taken, amused…)

  5. I’ve changed the presentation, A & G! Hope for the better… 29 09 07

  6. Later I remembered that on your other avatar (that red self portrait) you looked at yourself trying to see above your glasses, which is why you looked so dumb. Do you know what I mean? I guess you needed your glasses to paint, but did not want them to look at yourself in the mirror, and, since you could not take them off each time you wanted to look, you tried to look above the rim. Uff, that was hard to explain.

  7. I get you point, A! and it’s true, I look kind of dumb in it (another proof that appeareances are tricky and untrue, eh?)

    I will write soon a post, on Danu’s small world connected to this… Follow it if you have 5 minutes…

  8. Hello. Sorry I couldn’t find another way to contact you on your blog so I had to use this comment field. The reason I’m writing is because I work for an online art magazine focused on drawing and painting and we would like to publish 1 one of your pieces in our March issue. Can you get back to me at john@antidull.com at your earliest convenience and let me know if you’re interested.


  9. I will do that, John.

  10. 🙂

  11. erinruffin

    really enjoy your blog.

  12. Thanks, Erin! You are too kind…

  13. ovidiu stanomir

    DaNu_le, succes in tot si in toate !

  14. I love your work, and the story of your life Ion. I would like to see some of your photographs too.


  15. Same here (even if I don’t know much about the story of you life)… From time to time, I’ve showed some (see also on my not-so-active other blog at:


    and thanks, lisa!

  16. out of sight, out of mind?

    I wish you go0d luck…

  17. Bonjour,

    le comité organisateur du Festiv’Art 2009 en est à terminer, nous apprécions beaucoup votre travail et vous invitons à vous inscrire pour le Festiv’Art. Quelques sites sont encore disponibles.

    Au plaisir de vous recevoir à Frelighsburg.


    Jean-François Côté, coordonateur
    Nouvelle Adresse:
    201-46, rue principale
    Frelighsburg (Québec) J0J 1C0
    Courriel: jf_cote@citenet.net
    Site internet: http://www.festivart.org
    Téléphone : 450-298-5558

  18. Ion, I have been following your blog for a while now and enjoy not only your work, but your thoughts about them. I wanted to let you know about a show that our arts group balm is putting together. i realize it might be a stretch because you are in Canada, but here is the info page non-the-less. Feel free to post or let others know. I didn’t realize you had a twitter, but i will have my twitter accounts follow you. HavaStudios, balmorg and darinwhite. I hope all is well! http://balmorg.wordpress.com/2009/07/17/callforentrieswhiteshow/

    • Thanks, BALM! It,s good to know you are not alone out there… I`ll try to do the same… Right now, I kind of try to clarify my thoughts after a flu or something… Thanks, again!

  19. Buna ziua,
    Ma numesc Octavian Repede, jurnalist de profesie si realizator amator de film documentar. Va scriu din Sibiu, unde anul asta se implinesc 20 de ani de la evenimentele din 1989. Impreuna cu cativa prieteni ziaristi incercam sa realizam un film documentar destinat expres revolutiei din 1989 din Sibiu. Am inteles din cautarile mele ca dvs. ati detine fotografii, unele inedite de la evenimentele din 1989. Am putea face cumva sa luam legatura (tavi_repede@yahoo.com) si sa obtinem si noi acele fotografii? Filmul pe care incercam sa-l realizam este un demers pur obiectiv si dezintersat de io stiu anumite interese fata de cineva sau pt. a ascunde ceva. Deci sa nu ne suspectati de anumite intentii de acest gen. Vrem doar sa pastram memoria acelor zile deosebite pentru Sibiu.
    Va multumesc si sper sa putem lua legatura cumva.

  20. Buna, Octavian. Te voi contacta, curand, pe email.
    Bye for now, Danu

  21. I love your work. Your love for Picasso is beautiful. I also am an artist. Your charcoal depictions challenge me to be great. I welcome you to visit my blog: Straightgospelnochaser.

  22. Hi Danu,

    Just emailing to ask if you would entertain the idea of your awesome tundra landscape image (http://iondanu.deviantart.com/art/Tundra-76418694) being part of a biodiversity outreach project that is running from my laboratory. The project is known as the phylomon project, and essentially hopes to building a card game databank of organisms and habitats for children to play with. (More info can be found at http:/phylogame.org) Anyway, do let me know – no worries if not, but a response would be greatly appreciated.

    dave (email db@interchange.ubc.ca)

  23. Yes, Dave, I will be glad and honnored. Do you need an image of bigger resolution? Please write me again at iondanu@yahoo.ca. Right now I moved and do not have yet a steady Internet connexion (thank God for public librairies!)

  24. Just a heads up. Decided to showcase your image today for Earth Day!


  25. Thanks, Dave!

  26. Alexandru Boris Cosciug

    Salutare domnule Ion si succes in munca dumneata, departe de tara, dar apropae de noi romanii!
    Te-am gasit pe un site care comenta oul incomplet al lui Brancusi.
    Comentariul meu a fost urmatorul:
    Alexandru Boris Cosciug says: November 11, 2010 at 7:11 pm
    Did you know that, based on Eve mtDNA hypothesis, during In Vitro Fertilisation technologies the geneticists eliminate Adam mtDNA. Because this, the newborn boy’s sperm did not have the specific shape, movement and function of natural sperm, caused by missing Adam mtDNA.
    Practically at puberty, the IVF newborn boys become infertile.
    We can say that Brancusi foreseen the future.
    In this situation, why The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2010 was awarded to Robert G. Edwards “for the development of in vitro fertilization”?
    Eu sunt singurul “nebun” care aduc un argument stiintific despre Geneza biblica: Eve mtDNA este o copie incompleta a lui Adam mtDNA, aflat in coasta lui Adam, apendicele xifoid.
    Adresa mea de mail este: clepsydra@clicknet.ro

    • Multumesc! am avut un coleg de scoala care locuia pe lg scoala 12 din Pta Cluj ( la sibiu) care avea numele dumitale!

  27. Buna ziua!
    Vin cu o propunere pentru dumneavoastra. Ati putea detine un nume propriu pentru blog de genul numelemeu.com si cu o grafica personalizata. Daca doriti sa aveti un blog total personalizat pe care sa il detineti 100% si sa aiba propriul nume ales de duneavoastra puteti apela la serviciile oferite de http://i-hostyou.com
    In cazul in care nu va descurcati puteti fi ajutat in parcurgerea tuturor pasilor necesari pentru a avea propriul blog personalizat si a va bucura cat mai curand de aceasta noua schimbare.
    Daca sunteti de acord si vreti sa aflati mai multe detalii astept un mesaj pe adresa de email shaketheinternet@gmail.com
    O zi buna!

  28. Multumesc pt propunere. din pacate, nu am timpul necesar (si nici dorinta sau vanitatea) pt a face ceva mai bun ca acest blog de amator. sorry.

  29. Daca nu va suparati, nu gasesc pe blog optiunea de RSS, sau macar de subscription pe prima pagina….
    Numai bine si succes!

    • Max, desi nu sunt un complet analfabet in informatica etc. nici prea departe nu sunt…RSS imi zice ceva dar zau daca stiu ce si cum…Sorry!

  30. Welcome aboard, Ion. Good to meet you.
    Miles and Pippa

  31. Hello Dan,

    Good to see you seem to have landed on your feet in Canada. Congratulations!

    I see you have a photo of me – well, my back – from that eventful Christmas Day, 1989 – and the poor fellow being lifted up by his hair in the APC (that’s how i found your site).

    My memories of that Christmas are still very vivid – indeed, the last time I was in Sibiu was 1995, yet the memories of that visit seem rather weak.

    I still do the odd story on Romania; I was in Timisoara in 2010 November to do a profile of the city – great place – and some unbelivably beautiful and clever, street grafitti-art. If you go to ft.com, search under special reports, South East Europe, you should find the piece, and a photo of the street art to go with it. Interestingly, the grafitti artists only seem to ‘attack’ disused buildings. And, rather than scrawl their own, indecipheral ‘tags’ everywhere, their work is on philsophical themes. Amazing.

    All best wishes, viva the revolution! Kester

    • Kester E? That you? Oh, boy, if it’s you, my English Budapestan friend I certainly like to ask : How are you? Please, if you have time and pleasure, write me on my email (ivdanu@gmail.com) or here! Great to hear from you! (I assumed you saw my December 1989 photos? How much I wish to see yours (sounds like children playing doctor, but whatever…) Hope to hear some more of you, my friend!

  32. Re-Hi, Kester! (first time I saw just a piece of your comment…)
    For me too the memories of those days are very vivid, still! I will certainly search for your Timisoara photos! Are there any other places where I can see photos by you? Is there a possibility for me to see what you’ve done in those December days? (I googled a bit but didn’t get much, just yet…)
    You should see Sibiu, now! It’s a beautiful, vibrant city, both new and very old, I returned there in 2004, 2009 and last summer. And I am a grandfather! imagine that! How is Peter doing? how is your family? Please, write me! You are one of the few I remember from those days and I am still very grateful to you for that Canon A1 (was it?) and I also remember vividly our short visit to you, in Budapest(that was an adventure, quite a hectic travel etc.)

    • Ho ho! It was a Canon EF – wonderful camera that if left in front of a tank would damage the tank. Unfortunately it had one weakness. The lightmeter was fragile. And when it fell out of my bag at a tram stop in Budapest just one or perhaps two days before the Romanian Revolution broke out, I discovered that. The lightmeter then went. I did love the feel of that beastie though.
      I have not been back to Sibiu since 1995. But I can’t really remember. We must have met then too – but nothing was like those December days in 1989, was it?

      for Timisoara sotry/photo see here

      But you can only see the photo if you download the pdf.
      I have not put any piccies on the net……I dont even know how to do that.

      Peter is fine – I rarely meet him these days, but he did come to my birthday party a couple of weeks back.

      I’ll send you an email. Pofta la masa.


      • Good one! the one with the Canon EF damaging the tank… No, I don’t remeber either to have met again in 1995 (I would have if we met). and true again, nothing like december 1989 days…They made a few documentaries on the subject, and I am in one (if you google Sibiu 1989 you can seet it on You Tube; it is the work of some young talented and quite balanced people, maily Octavian Repede). Thanks for the Timisoara link, very interesting… If you see Peter please give him my best wishes. We met only once but it was a meaningful meeting… and you still remember some Romanian! wow! Mihai (you remember Mihai, no doubt, I,ve seen him in 2009 when I was visiting my old parents. He seem to have some health problems and was learning German planning to work in Germany or something… I discovered your email before I discovered this… Best wishes to you and yours, my friend!

  33. Thank you for following my blog….Its an honour for me….:) Amongst all the work I’ve gone through …for me Late summer afternoon is the best .

    • My pleasure Sadaf! It’s a pitty I do not have much time to go through all ypur (and others) blogs…I liked your charcoal drawing (and the guru photo)!

  34. Make as many mistakes in English as you want….I don’t care…it is good to hear someone talk about art that really cares about the process. Have a good productive week!

  35. Thank you very much Terri! I have many flaws – and not only in English! for instance I am quite a mean driver, sometimes – but yes, I really care about art and I am glad I am not the only one. I am sorry just for the fact that a day has only 24 h and I don,t have the leisure to read and enjoy more of others blog writing (yours, for instance)… Have a very productive month! (I bow lower, like a Japanese…)

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