Finish 2002 in “triumph”…

The following 2 paintings are among the most satisfying in my Portfolio: the first, which I call The Des Marais sheep, was sold by me with a measly 100 CAD (true, it’s a small 8′ x 10′) to Michel Des Marais, who have the reputation of “le prince des moutons” (the Prince of the sheep) among Quebec artists. When I’ve sold him this sheep portrait, at the Bromont in art Painting Symposium (in 2003, I think) it was just like I would have sold a surrealist painting to Dali! The moral satisfaction was way bigger than the money!

moutonne Des Marais

Concerning the other painting, which I entitled The Moon over the land, it’s simply my first painting which sold for a decent price (500 CAD), the first serious sell and the beginning of an upward tendency in my painting selling. Of course, compared to other artist figures these are peanuts. But for me they mean something, they mean that people (even collectors) could enjoy one of my painting enough to actually pay money for it…

I think that I’ve already showed these 2 pictures on my Daily painter blog but they are worth showing twice. With them I will close the 2002 period in my work. There still were a lot of drawings and paintings dated 2002 but I don’t want to have you bored out of your mind…

Moon over the land


8 responses to “Finish 2002 in “triumph”…

  1. M-ai dat gata cu camila asta…
    Bravo maestro!
    Btw, ma scuz ca nu intru mai des, sint foarte ocupat in ultmul timp si nu deschid nici linkuri.


  2. These are so lovely, Danu. Haven’t you posted the sheep before? It reminds me of Chagall. I really love all of the colors that you use, but especially the blues.

  3. Ma bucur oricand de vizita si de cuvintele tale, rafi. Nici eu nu ma pot lauda ca am mai facut prea multe vizite pe D06 sau in general…Numai bine, Danu

  4. Yes, I did, moonbeam, on my Daily painter’s blog… but since I’ve sold it to a sheep specialist, I said to myself that maybe she deserves to be posted 2x…

    I also like a lot the blues (but there are so many wonderful colors! some violet are great and some red – acra magenta, for instance – and even browns like Burn Omber and Burnt sienna… When I get a brochure from my art supply shop I can study it for hours… like a child in a sweets shop…)

  5. These are two of my favorites too, Danu.

  6. Beautifully said with the child in a sweets shop! I also spend hours and hours studying my art supply catalog, a company from Germany… i must order all my stuff there, because the supply here where I live is poor… and when I order, oh dear, I can´t resist and the sweeties list is very long… and what a feast when I then get the big box!

  7. ovidiu stanomir

    mielushaua aiasta (sau lama sau camila sau cam asha ceva…) are nitzel din gingashia profilului Adrianei Mohai…

    greshesc chiar atit de mult?…

  8. Swallows: I’m glad we have the same favourites. I know I am not neither Michelangelo nor Velasquez so I really appreciate…

    miki: art supply are, for me, the last remains of my belief in Christmas… unfortunatelly, without santa Claus…

    Ovidiu: acum ca o spui, parca ai dreptate… dar nimic dinadins, crede-ma!

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