Mean & weird 2003

2003 was a transition period. Until September (when I got my first good job) it was a hard and quite depressing (and depressed) time… I was on the brinck of madness and only a new streak of good luck (my job as a art teacher) stopped it… I could, maybe, have been a bank robber or a serial killer, who knows? More probably, I would have killed myself. Who said that “les suicidés ne sont que des assasins timides”(‘those who kill themselves are nothing else but shy assassins”) ? Camus? Cesare Pavese?

old hags

Anyway… Here I am, still kicking and neither a victim of suicide nor the author of some killing rage massacre… Just an artist; sometimes mean (as in this drawing from the summer of 2003, where I’ve portrayed some tight arse old hags, visiting the exhibition I was taking part in…they’ve ignored my superb paintings, not only not buying but not even looking; so I had to exorcise the meanness in me and the resentments they’ve produced, drawing their old arses…) Sometimes I was simply weird, drawing a lot more than today bizarre stuff, studying different type of materials and compositions (in this other drawing I’ve used a fountain pen ink and my fingers…)

Inca athlete


6 responses to “Mean & weird 2003

  1. I love reading your narratives, and I’m glad you made it through that period. The way you describe yourself and your temperament makes me wish that I could sit in on one of the classes you teach to nuns. Danu and nuns seems like an interesting mix.

    I’ve seen the first drawing, but I don’t remember the second. It’s fascinating.

  2. Yeap! we really are something, my nuns and me! I love teaching them, they are usually very decent and caring persons, discreet, quiet, sometimes a bit naive but also curious about art and artists… I think I play the role of spices in their cuisine… I think I would love to teach you too…

  3. I would have to say that the impact of looking at your last few posts is that you have incredible versatility – the ability to live many lives in art.

  4. Ubiquity would be even better, Susan! I wouldn’t have to pay for going in my old country to see my parents… But yes, you are right, I have some versatility (one thing art merchands do reproach usually; for them it’s equivalent with lack of a style… true, also, that usually waht they call style is only a “maniere” (in French, in English would be something as “manierism?) What can I do? I cannot specialize in nothing…

  5. ovidiu stanomir

    “Rautaciosul (perpetuu – n.n.) adolescent”…

  6. Cumva trebuie sa ne delulam, nu, Ovidiu? Stiu ca ai mai vazut pe celalalt blog desenul prim dar incerc pe blogul asta sa fac o recapitulare ilustrata a “vietzii” mele de artist… Uneori, repetitziile sunt inevitabile. Imi pare rau ca nu am totdeauna energia sa traduc…

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